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My name is Johanna, and I give the clients the assistance and support they require to get their lives back on track.

My main areas of interest are domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, mental health, sex worker issues, STIs, lack of sexual desire, ongoing difficulties with erectile dysfunction clients, painful intercourse, and low libido. Among the ailments I focus on are premature ejaculation, low libido (commonly known as poor sex desire), reproductive issues, preconception and conception, and a few more. There is also reproductive health, which deals with birth, infertility, and fertility.

They are provided with the resources they need to evaluate their relationships and any potential sexual or parental worries.
A close connection is necessary for the professional relationship between a client and a counsellor because it is a personal, frequently painful, and occasionally energising experience. Our confidential, private work focuses on the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your goals.

I work largely with single people and married couples, addressing sensitive or humiliating topics that you would avoid bringing up in your usual social circles. You might be able to enhance your interpersonal interactions, gain an understanding of unproductive behaviours, and more adeptly manage your anxiety by being pragmatic, realistic, and empathetic.

During all sessions conducted via Google Meet, we will discuss the issues that motivated you to seek counselling as well as your goals and how we may cooperate to help you achieve them.
Face-to-face meetings and video meetings have both been shown to be equally productive.



Available Health Funds:





  • BUPA

  • ARHG

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