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Johanna focuses on working with singles, couples, and families. She also works with men's sexual health difficulties, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and out-of-control sexual behaviours like porn addiction in addition to family therapy, fertility challenges, and low libido, women's sexual health issues, including preconceptions and conception, hypoactive sexual desire disorder . Johanna is sex worker-friendly. Johanna is capable of working with poly/open partnerships and is LGBTQ, kink, and fetish-friendly. Johanna also works with clients of the NDIS.
A tight relationship between a client and therapist is crucial to their professional interaction because counselling is a personal, often challenging, and occasionally invigorating experience. Our discreet, private approach focuses on the roadblocks that prevent you from reaching your objectives.

I work mainly with single and married couples, discussing sensitive or awkward topics you would not bring up in your normal social groups. You may detect inefficient behaviours, strengthen your relationships with others, and better manage your anxiety by adopting a realistic, practical, and compassionate mindset. During each Google Meet session, we will discuss the issues that brought you to therapy, your objectives, and how we can collaborate to help you achieve them.
Both in-person and virtual meetings are equally fruitful.



Available Health Funds:





  • BUPA

  • ARHG

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