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About me

I received my diploma in counselling at Jensen Newman Institute in 2014, and I completed my bachelor's degree in applied social science in counselling there in November 2019.

I am pursuing a master's degree in science in medicine pathway psychosexual therapy at The University of Sydney. I have completed my training as a counsellor.

Before joining, I volunteered at three different organisations. I was going to get back to it shortly. I volunteered for two organisations: Acon and Swop, which are facilities for asylum seekers.

With my clients, I regularly use person-centred therapy, reality therapy, solution-focused therapy, and other techniques. But it all depends on how each person is doing.


What would you say about yourself?
I am Friendly, easy to talk to, interesting, and grounded.

Services offered 

Individual  counselling 
Relationship counselling
Walk and Talk Therapy 

Group Therapy (2 to 6 )
All my sessions are  online via an online video platform:
Phone Consultations
Webcam  Consultations 

Email Consultations
Free 15mins the for 1st initial session

Professional Development Courses

Telephone Counselling
Eating Disorder

Mental health


Sexual Assault 

Intimate partner violence

Healing through Kink

Systemic Sex Therapy with a Heterosexual Couple

Developing, Implementing and Evaluating an
Innovative Community-Based Suicide Prevention
Service for Men in a Suicidal Crisis

Working with People Who Hear Voices

Standing Up To Racism

The Future of Responsible Gambling

Helping the Suicidal Person: Tips and Techniques

Creativity & Suicide Prevention: A Healing Journey

Youth Suicide Prevention & Social Media: The
#Chatsafe Project

Men’s Anxiety, Why It Matters, and What Is Needed to
Limit its Risk for Male Suicide

Digital ‘Addictions’ to Digital Wellbeing:
Understanding and Managing Our Use of Technology

Post-traumatic growth After Suicide Loss Across the

Counselling Clients with Disabilities: Introduction to
the Issues

Preventing Suicide Among Trans and Gender Diverse
Young People: A Discussion of Current Research

Trauma and Addiction: Taking Motivational
Interviewing to the Next Level

Understanding and Preventing Compassion Fatigue

Reducing Trauma and Structural Racism

Suicide in Old Age

Suicide Prevention with Students in Tertiary

Choice therapy and reality therapy session 2

Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing

Post Traumatic Growth

What is Sex Addiction?

Educating Clients About Mental Health

Border Line Personality Disorder

Trauma Informed care : Mindfulness Based Treatment for Post -  Trauma Growth

Counselling Trauma Affected Clients with Diverse

The Trauma Effects of Disasters

Is Alcohol and Drug Treatment Really Effective?

When Suicidal Thoughts Persist: Treating chronic

Understanding the Link between Trauma and Addiction

Motivational Interviewing: The Basics

Eating Disorders in Women of Colour

The gift of understanding

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Social Media and Sucide Prevention



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