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What is Counselling?

Empathy/Respect/Postive Regard/Congruence/A counsellor is to express warmth

The term "counselling" refers to a type of "talk therapy."

It is a procedure in which a person, a couple, or a family meets with a qualified professional counsellor to discuss difficulties and challenges in their lives.

According to the Australian Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation (PACFA), 

"Psychotherapy and counselling are professional activities that use an interpersonal relationship to help people gain self-awareness and create positive life changes."


They are built on a client-counsellor interpersonal relationship that allows them to better understand themselves and subsequently solve their difficulties.

A counsellor is a skilled expert who can assist you in resolving personal issues. 

Professional counsellors assist individuals in exploring and resolving interpersonal, intrapsychic, and personal concerns. They do so within the parameters of a well-defined and principled partnership.

Professionals in the sector are hired and given extensive training in various approaches and therapeutic interventions.

Counselling Styles

I tend to you a few different approaches with my clients, it just depends on what kind of problem they present me to which helps me to decide which approach I should use. But I mainly use solution-focused brief therapy. Instead of focusing on a person's past experiences, solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) focuses on their current and future situations and aspirations. The symptoms or difficulties that brought a person to therapy are often not targeted in this goal-oriented therapy. 

SFBT, which aims to help people who are having trouble finding tools they can use right away to manage symptoms and cope with challenges, is based on the idea that while people may already have the skills to make a difference in their lives, they often need assistance trying to identify and continuing to develop those skills.

Person-centred therapy is a type of counselling that stresses the importance of the client's strengths and self-perceptions. It focuses on the client's thoughts and feelings and how these influence their actions. Person-centred therapy is based on Carl Rogers' "personhood" idea, which states that people are fundamentally good and may use their own experiences to achieve their greatest potential.


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